Assured Plumbing

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Assured Plumbing

AMW Plumbing & Heating can undertake:

  • Renew & repair main water/ heating pipes
  • New radiator installations
  • Replacement Shower
  • Radiator Leaks / Replacements
  • New thermostatic valves for radiators
  • Toilet repairs I.E syphon & ball valve
  • Replacement toilets
  • Tap replacement
  • Internal waste repairs and renewals (this is not to get confused with external drainage as we are not a drainage company)
  • New immersions heaters
  • Tank ball valve replacement I.E (Feed and expansion tank and cold water storage tank)

Periodic Electrical Inspections

AMW provide competitively priced comprehensive plumbing services in Bristol and the surrounding areas including emergency call-outs. We also provide an all-round service for bathroom installations, offering all plumbing, heating and electrical work in one total package, with everything from fitting sinks to tiling and grouting provided.

"Assured Plumbing by AMW Plumbing & Heating"